"Merely by describing yourself as black you have started on a road towards emancipation, you have committed yourself to fight against all forces that seek to use your blackness as a stamp that marks you out as a subservient being." - Steve Biko

About the Digital Memory Box


The Soweto ’76 Digital Memory Box uses electronic multimedia to collect, preserve, and present the stories and digital records of those students who took part in the Uprisings of 1976. The Soweto ’76 Digital Memory Box contributes to the ongoing effort by South African historians and archivists to preserve the record of Black townships by collecting first-hand accounts, on-scene images, and blog postings. The Museum hopes to foster positive legacies by allowing former students still living in Soweto, and elsewhere, to tell their stories in their own words. These stories will become a part of the historical record and will remain accessible to a wide audience for generations to come.

We welcome contributions from former students, family members, and anyone with memories of the Museum, the Uprisings, and their longstanding aftermath. Our goal is to make it easy for persons anywhere to write and share their stories or reflections.

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